Welcome to the Immokalee Community School.

    Being a product of the local Immokalee community has been one of the best preparations for my role as principal of the ICS family. As the proud product of Mexican immigrant parents who are still a part of our Immokalee farm working community, I know the hopes and dreams of our many families.  I know first-hand the value of education and the power it has to change not only my life, but that of those around me.

    Thanks to support from my hard working parents, I was able to excel in high school and attend the University of Florida on an academic scholarship. My success was a way of repaying my parents for their investment in my education, as well as providing the means for me to give back to this community.

    The opportunity to serve students and their families is the part of what brought me to RCMA and ICS.  Since my first day as a part of this school I set forth the goal of helping to lead this school on a journey to becoming one of the best dual language schools in the country. It is an honor to have this opportunity to lead our talented team towards educational excellence for our students, and greater opportunities for their parents, and community as a whole.

    We hold all in our school community to the highest standards and hold ourselves accountable for helping our students achieve their own educational success and give back to our community.

    Ms. Zulaika Quintero, Principal