The RCMA Immokalee Community School actively partners with community initiatives that support the integration and development of instruction with educational technology. A connected community involved in the learning process of all RCMA students and families will lessen the digital divide and provide more opportunities to develop digital literacy concepts through informed access and knowledge about technology concepts as academic support tools. It is the RCMA Immoklaee Community School's mission to "Engage, Educate and Empower" with educational technologies by focusing upon instructional strategies used by educators to engineer learning. Technology is drawn upon as a tool that is pivotal to student achievement and success.                                           

    As the RCMA Immoklaee Community School endeavors to develop digital classroom spaces, we are mindful that our desired outcomes are to:

    -Transform Learning

    -Provide student centered learning opportunities

    -Provide Student Choice in order to support different learning styles and accommodations

    The RCMA Immokalee Community School provides access to a variety of technology tools including iPads, Chromebook computers and desktop computers. Our classrooms use technology either in a one-to-one environment (every student has access to a device for student centered learning) or shared use (students share devices in order to accomplishcollaborative learning tasks).


    iPads provide a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate both what happens in the classroom as well as how students work at home with their parents (iPad initiative).Technology initiatives are supported by active community partners and enable students to explore learning with a suite of 40 applications that our staff can use as tools to supplement regular classroom instruction(whole group, centers or split models) using educational technology. Applications for Math, English/Language Arts and Spanish are readily available. Additional applications that support student portfolios, presentations and assessment are also available.


    Chromebooks and the use of Google Apps for Education are additional platforms available to our students.As these two platforms synchronously offer a collaborative learning space, Google Apps for Education are valuable resources for our staff and students to use as tools to support instruction.

Holding an Ipad
Playing a game on Ipad
Child with her Headphones on
Making a Video on an Ipad
Child on Chromebook
Child on a Chromebook doing Homework